Review Policy

You want me to read your book? Great! Here’s what you need to know about me, my likes and dislikes and how I review

Genres I love

  • crime/mystery
  • historical romance (including LGBT romances)
  • fantasy

Genres I might read

  • sci-fi
  • contemporary romance
  • historical fiction

Those are obviously very broad categories but if you’re reading my blog you will have a rough idea where my interests lie.

Genres I do not read ever

  • dystopian or post-apocalyptic fiction
  • thrillers
  • horror

And no, I don’t care if you’re sure that your dystopian novel will outsell Harry Potter and Hunger Games combined. I will not read it.

Non-fiction interests

  • true crime
  • history:
    • Irish history
    • Eastern & Central European history
    • The English Civil War between Stephen & Matilda
  • crafting books (knitting and cross-stitch)

Note that I usually need longer for non-fiction books.

What Forms I Will Accept

  • Digital Copy (kindle or unprotected epub, for crafting books also PDF)
  • physical copies (I am located in Germany)
  • audiobooks

Where will I post my reviews

What happens if I don’t like your book?

Then I will write about it. Plain and simple. If you only want 4 or 5-star reviews, this is not the blog for you. I do try to finish all my review copies but sometimes the book and I won’t click at all. In this case, I will note in the review that I didn’t finish the book and why.

If you still would like me to review your book contact me at ecm_87[at]gmx[dot]de and provide me with

  • a summary
  • the release date
  • in what timeframe you want the review published
  • any other information you consider relevant

Note that this is a hobby and I have other things to do (and read) and I will not be able to accept every request (especially if you want the review published at very short notice). However, if your mail shows that you have at least read this page I will let you know that I can’t accept it. If you try to pitch me your dystopian horror thriller, don’t expect a reply.

It will also be helpful if you put Witty Reader Review Request or anything along that as the subject of the mail, so it won’t get lost in my spam filter.