Kill Your Darlings



Cause of Death
Crime Scene

Round 1:
Card played Book
251bad8f80055385c41249e044bd7da6 31678146

Right Guess -> 20 points

Round 2:

No Guess

Round 3:
Card played Book
859682144d4b348f3c284a56cd43265c Cover Keikichi Osaka: The Ginza Ghost

Wrong guess: 5 points

Round 4:
Card played Book
Card: Crime Scene - The Orient Express from the Kill Your Darlings-game The Woman on the Orient Express - Cover

Wrong guess: 5 points

Round 5:
Card played Book
The Gryffindor common room Anette Dittert: London Calling

Wrong Guess: 5 points

Round 6:
Card played Book
Cause of Death: Antique hunting Rifle Christopher Isherwood: The Berlin Stories

Wrong guess: 5 points

Round 7 & 8:

no guess

All crimes solved now the remaining cards have to be collected:

Card needed Book
0afb7df9863a911abae4be02fc6fc3e1 3106573
c016b4fe6b52a18f5f3ddab7272768ee David Stuart Davies: Sherlock Holmes and the Hentzau Affair
 2657ddc6df94a60853b03d756179b286  Cover: The Henchman of Zenda
172b21222cf89f5e3a241fa5001b5393 18869531
2d9a447d1963470a0614bd87b9ec7712  32866877
 1b26a86c538e38f9820d425442076499  35073995

Points: 90

Header photo by from Pexels