2018 Challenges

Every year I tell myself I want to do something about my tbr-pile and by now I have slowly begun to realize how my reading-mind works and what is a good way to challenge myself:

  • just saying ‘read X books from your pile’ is not good. If I aim too low and finish after half a year I’ll just end up going ‘yay! I finished! Let’s reward myself by buying more books’ and if I aim too high and realize I’ll never finish it I’ll just get anxious and not read at all
  • most reading-challenges out there have a theme of ‘broaden your horizon’ which is great but not what I want. I don’t have that book for squares like ‘post-apocalyptic novel’ or ‘GR choice award winner’ and I don’t want to buy new ones because that’s not why I challenge myself.

So I was very happy when I found this group on Goodreads that lets you mix and match from a selection of yearly, quarterly and monthly challenges. So I went and picked some and intend to combine those with a personal one just for myself:

Personal Challenge:

For every six books from my tbr-pile I read I can buy one new one. If I read about as much as last year that would mean I got to buy 12 new books which should cover the books coming out that I want, and a few instances of ‘this looks really good’ or ‘I do not feel like reading anything except this one book I don’t have’.

Further rules:

  • no buying in advance
  • the only exception for that are deals/2nd hand finds of books that are already on my wishlist. My actual wishlist is not that huge.
  • Kindly Freebies count as new books bought
  • I have an Audible subscription. Spending credits/buying audiobooks doesn’t count. I mostly listen to audiobooks when I go for a walk/drive longer distances aka occasions where I couldn’t read anyway (that also means listening to audiobooks does not count as diminishing my tbr-pile)
  • any books that are on my (real and virtual shelves) on January 1st count as part of my tbr-pile. Including review-copies and the books I started reading in the old year
  • I ordered two books and requested a review-copy in the old year. They will also count as tbr-pile
  • apart from those anything I acquire after January 1st will not count
  • after some thought I decided that books I dnf-ed will count as one read book. I’ll still do separate counts to avoid the temptation of dnf-ing too many books just so I can buy more

tbr-pile books read/dnf: 5/2
Books bought: 1

Additionally, I am a NetGalley member. More recently I have managed to cut down on randomly requesting books because they sound nice. I read and reviewed everything I requested last year (with the exception of one I only got towards the end of December) but I still have some I requested ages ago and that fell behind the virtual cupboard. I don’t want to do the same ‘For X review copies I read I get to request another one’ because it’s not that easy to plan that since you never know which of the books you requested you actually get.

So plain and simple: Currently, I have twelve review-copies on my kindle. By the end of the year, I would like to have five or less.

Review copies on my reader: 10

Now for the group challenges I signed up for:

The A – Z Challenge (Yearly)

Read a book for every letter of the alphabet. Any first letter of a word in the title (that is not an article, a conjunction or a preposition) counts. (In other words: A Game of Thrones could be read for G or T but not for A or O)

Letter Planned Read Read
B Before the Storm  Before the Storm
C The Code of Love
D Death Comes to Pemberley
E Empire of Ivory
F Fields of Blood  Foreign Bodies
H The House of Shattered Wings
L A Lily Among Thorns The Lake District Murder
M Murder in Belgravia Murder In Belgravia
P In for a Penny In for a Penny
R Red Seas Under Red Skies
S Stalking Darkness  Seven Dead
T A Country in the Moon: Travels in Search of the Heart of Poland
V Victory of Eagles

The Colour-Challenge (Yearly):

Read a book with a cover in the following colours + two bonus tasks:

Colour Planned Read Read
Yellow Death Comes to Pemberley
Light Blue 30082530
Dark Blue Empire of Ivory  13417841
Brown Murder in Belgravia 37481550
Black Victory of Eagles
Metallic The House of Shattered Wings
Five Colors Stalking Darkness
Color Word in the Title Red Seas under Red Skies
Descriptive Word in Title (Rainbow, Stripes, Polka Dots, Etc)

Places and Spaces (Quarterly)

For this challenge, see how many places and spaces you can visit. The place or space should be a primary element of the story or historical account and may include natural, man-made, and imaginary terrains and structures.

Signed up for 4

  1. A Victorian Mansion: Murder In Belgravia

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