Cat Sebastian: The Missing Page

Author: Cat Sebastian
Title: Missing Page
Series: Page & Sommers #2

England, 1948: Semi-retired spy Leo Page and country doctor James Sommers team up to solve a decades-old mystery.

When James learns that an uncle he hasn’t heard from in ages has left him something in his will, he figures that the least he can do is head down to Cornwall for a weekend to honor the old man’s parting wishes. He finds the family home filled with half-remembered guests and unwanted memories, but more troubling is that his uncle has tasked his heirs with uncovering the truth behind a woman’s disappearance twenty years earlier.

Leo doesn’t like any of it. He’s just returned from one of his less pleasant missions and maybe he’s slightly paranoid about James’s safety, but he’s of the opinion that rich people aren’t to be trusted where wills are concerned. So he does what any sensible spy would do and infiltrates the house party.

Together they unravel a mystery that exposes long-standing family secrets and threatens to involve James more than either of them would like. 

“The letter from the solicitor said that the uncle’s will stipulated that all legates attend the reading at the family home in Cornwall or forfeit their bequest”
Leo’s eyebrows shot straight up. “Was his uncle’s dying wish to reenact a radio drama?”

Look at this quote. If this won’t convince you to read this book, nothing will. This is a mystery set in an English country house, full of characters who have read English country house mysteries. But I wouldn’t call it a parody, only a mystery that doesn’t take itself too seriously, while still being very well-crafted. It also manages to be cozy without being as ridiculous as some other entries in that genre. There aren’t people dropping like flies while everybody else keeps merrily going on with their everyday life. For a long time, there’s just an old disappearance and no real evidence that foul play was involved. That is a set-up that can be exhausting when it’s very obvious for the reader what really happened while the sleuth is still in the dark but here I was clueless (almost) as long as Leo and James were.

And of course, there were Leo and James and of course, they were lovely. I enjoy it when I get more than one book about a couple I loved but it can get repetitive if their relationship just stays the same (or they keep having the same argument over and over again). But their relationship just continues to develop. They had a happy end after Hither Page but now they realise that there are still some issues that have to be worked on (and so they do. Like adults…almost immediately)

All in all that’s the perfect read to cuddle up to with a mug of hot cocoa. Because who doesn’t need that right now?

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