Mavis Doriel Hay: Death on the Cherwell


Title: Death on the Cherwell
Author: Mavis Doriel Hay

For Miss Cordell, principal of Persephone College, there are two great evils to be feared: unladylike behaviour among her students, and bad publicity for the college. So her prim and cosy world is turned upside down when a secret society of undergraduates meets by the river on a gloomy January afternoon, only to find the drowned body of the college bursar floating in her canoe. 

The police assume that a student prank got out of hand, but the resourceful Persephone girls suspect foul play and take the investigation into their own hands. Soon they uncover the tangled secrets that led to the bursar’s death – and the clues that point to a fellow student. 

Rating: Julian, Dick, George and Ann would approve

Have you ever read a Famous Five, a Three Investigators or any of the other teen detective stories and thought “This was cool, I wish they would get to solve a real murder one day, instead of just hunting smugglers”? Then this book might be for you. Did you ever read any of those stories and think “Who lets these kids do these dangerous things? Why are even the police going ‘hey can you guys help us with that?’ instead of ‘stop what you’re doing, it’s dangerous’?” Then you should give this one a pass. Because this book is basically Famous Five but with undergraduates (and no dog). The girls find the body of the bursar and while they call the police immediately they also keep some information from the police. (Some of it would make themselves look bad and suspicious, other a fellow undergraduate).

And then they decide to do their own investigation. In the cause of it, they trample around a potential crime-scene and touch some evidence, ruining potential fingerprints. When they eventually come clean about it to the inspector he just shrugs and mumbles something along the lines of “if there had been any fingerprints they probably wouldn’t have helped us anyway” and then he even asks them to continue their sleuthing.

So this book will require you to suspend your disbelief a lot and I freely admit that one reason I enjoyed it despite that (and despite the rather easy to guess solution) was that I still have many fond memories of all the teen detectives I used to read and the book hit a very sweet spot for me. Another is probably also that I listened to the audiobook version which was magnificently narrated by Patience Tomlinson. She gives the reading of the book the seriousness it deserves – i.e. a certain tongue-in-cheek attitude that never veers too much into pure comedy. If I’d read the book myself I might have rolled my eyes at a few scenes that made me grin in the audio version.

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