I was in Dublin (and came already back two weeks ago but…well I was busy …or possibly  lazy. Who knows?)

So how was it? Great! I got a sunburn. In Ireland. (Not that it was my first Irish sunburn…and I also managed to get one in Wales and in autumnal Prague so really, my skin isn’t made for sun). Fortunately, Dublin has some great museums in which you can hide from the sun 😉

Well, and bookstores:


From left to right/top to bottom

  • Poldark novels 2-6
  • British Crime Library Classics: Impossible Crimes
  • Celtic Design patterns for cross stitch/embroidery etc.
  • Lindsy Van Gelder & Pamela Robin Brandt: Are You Two…Together?: Gay and Lesbian Travel Guide to Europe (less actual travel guide and more ‘amusing stories that happened while traveling lesbian’)
  • Robert Thorogood: A Meditation on Murder (it’s either a Death in Paradise tie-in or part of the series the show is based on. The blurb doesn’t make it clear…and I also watched like three DiP episodes so far but it sounded fun)
  • Morses Greatest Mysteries
  • Ursula K. LeGuin: Left Hand of Darkness (I am a fantasy-lover who still hasn’t read LeGuin and really I should change that)
  • Murder at Shandy Hall, a true crime book about Dr. Phillip Cross
  • Robert Webb: How Not to be a boy
  • A Dr. McCoy magnetic bookmark
  • Motherfoclóir: Dispatches from a Not So Dead Language

So, how does the project Conquer the tbr-pile go?

Badly. Very badly. But it had already gone badly before the holidays because I couldn’t resist the ‘SFF from around the world’ collection from Storybundle. I knew I had lost back then, but couldn’t quite bring myself to admit it.

However, when I came home I had a long, hard look at my pile and threw quite a few books from it in the ‘donate to next church sale’-box. I have a tendency to pick up books I feel I should read because they are Important(TM) or Famous(TM) book that Clever People(TM) read. These books then lie on my tbr-pile and stare at me judgingly because I really should read them. I also have a tendency to stick with series/authors far beyond the point I enjoy them. These books then also lie on my tbr-pile and stare at me judgingly because ‘hey, you liked this once!’. I also have great friends who know how much I love to read and give me books. Sometimes they are really on point, sometimes…not so much. These books then also lie on my tbr-pile and stare at me judgingly because ‘think of how disappointed [friend] would be if they knew you still haven’t read it!’.

Well, most of those judgemental stares are now in the donation box. I even managed to throw out more than I got in Dublin, so that is definitely a plus.

But I still decided to officially abandon my ‘For every five books read I get to buy a new one’-project. That is far too much hassle, especially the way I ‘played’. (Wait…was this an audiobook which doesn’t count? When exactly did I buy this aka is it part of my tbr pile or the pile of shame I acquired later?) It wasn’t fun anymore and reading should always be fun.

I still plan to do something about my tbr pile but that way clearly didn’t work.


2 thoughts on “Dublin

  1. Busy being lazy maybe? Haha. 🤔

    I get the feeling about tossing out books and not wanting to because so and so want you to read it – it’s like they’re drilling holes at the back of your head every time you hang out and they ask. 😢

    I do hope you find a better way to conquer your TBR pile – wish I could help with that, but the only way I know is taking some time to look through the pile and then seeing if you want to read it again or something… I might be referring to a linkup. 🤷

    1. That would be another possibility…

      I have gotten better at just throwing stuff out unread. I used to feel that I need to at least give everything a try but I also came to the conclusion that there is stuff I bought on a whim/got as a present from someone who meant well but still missed can be thrown out.

      I also lost track of so many series I actually enjoyed but felt I should read more from my tbr-pile before buying new books. Which then lead to me loosing the joy for reading because really I *wanted* to know what in the next book of that cool series happened but I felt like I should at least try to read that random book my great-aunt who doesn’t know me that well gifted me. And then it felt again as if reading was work instead of fun and that shouldn’t be the point of it.

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