State of the Reading Challenges

Spoiler: It’s…not great

The main post of my 2018 challenges is here.

My personal challenge was to buy one new book for every five books from my tbr-pile I read. I read nine books and bought three so I have clearly a small math problem 🙄. In my defense: There was a limited offer from Amazon for two months Kindle Unlimited membership for 99 Cents. So I ended up reading lots of books that were on KU instead of on my tbr-pile. Additionally, I ended up requesting (and getting) some ARCs which I also read and which also didn’t count as tbr-pile. This challenge is much harder than expected. I also might have read so much fanfiction that put together would probably be as long as two or three books.

And talking of ARCs: I went from having twelve to having ten, which is, well, less but not quite near my goal of having less than five. But why are there always new British Crime Library Classics on NetGalley? I just can’t resist them.

Now for the challenges from the Goodreads Group:

The A-Z Challenge:

I read thirteen books that I could fit in that challenge, including books for the letters Q, W, and Z which are some of the more difficult letters. So here I’m on track!

The Colour Challenge:

Here I have seven out of fifteen but I might have a harder time filling the rest of the challenge. I think orange and pink book covers aren’t quite as widespread.

Places and Spaces:

That, at least, was a success. I signed up for four books for this quarterly challenge and ended up finding four books where one place was a major element of the story: The mansion that is the team headquarter in Murder In Belgravia, the clubhouse most of The Poisoned Chocolates Case takes place in, the train that, to everyone’s surprise, is the setting of much of The Woman on the Orient Express, and the Castle of Zenda where most of The Henchman of Zenda is set.

So my own personal challenge could be much better but at least I’m doing all right with the group-challenges. So now for the embarrassing one: My Women Writer’s Bingo:


Only three! So much for my ‘but I usually read quite balanced’-claims. Now this card doesn’t mean I only read three books by women since I started this challenge. I have recently read Sense and Sensibility and been on a KJ Charles binge but since I already had read books by authors beginning with A and C, this doesn’t show up here. But even taking that into consideration I haven’t read many female authors this year, yet. The obvious answer to that is to get the last Carol Berg series I don’t have, yet instead of picking a book by a writer I already own.

And, finally, for my personal project of reading The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes. I meant to start with the stories that were filmed for the ITV-series and did read those written by Freeman, but then Foreign Bodies came along which did feature some stories that also fit the description (and a Lieutenant Holt story that was part of the series) and shortly afterwards The Rivals: Tales of Sherlock Holmes‘ Rival Detectives which has nothing to with the series (but also features the Van Dusen story Cell 13, which is also part of it). I have planned my next post about Arthur Morrison, who wrote two characters that feature in four of the ITV-stories but since I really hated the first one, my enthusiasm for starting the next is…not too great. And besides, I have started to realize, that I need a more organized approach to the whole thing because currently it’s somewhat chaotic. I might need to make more lists. I love lists. They are perfect for procrastination.

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