Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Take Place In Another Country

  1. Japan

Keikichi Osaka: The Ginza Ghost

Impossible crimes in Japan.

2. Austria

Tasha Alexander: A Fatal Waltz

In her third case, English Lady Emily hunts spies in Vienna and shows off her German skills…by which I mean the author’s ability to use Google Translate. Spoiler: Google Translate is not a reliable source. It will only lead to readers who know the language falling down laughing because the phrase ‘Hot chocolate with whipped cream’ got translated word for word.

3. Finland


Sadly only two books from the very enjoyable series about Finnish Inspector Ariel Kafka got translated into German. But I just found out that there are more in English so I can continue the series without having to learn Finnish.

4. Italy

Kai Meyer: The Flowing Queen

Kai Meyer’s Flowing Queen trilogy is set in Venice. Well in an alternate Venice that has magic and mermaids but it’s still Venice.

5. France

Alexandre Dumas: The Three Musketeers

Into how many TTT posts can I put The Three Musketeers? Stay with this blog to find out.

6. Scotland

Carola Dunn: Murder on the Flying Scotsman

This time Daisy travels to Scotland. And falls over a body. What a surprise.

7. Iceland

Arnaldur Indridason: Todeshauch

Silence of the Grave is (together with Jar City) my favourite from Indriðason’s Erlendur mysteries and I can only recommend them. There’s no need to read the whole series/the series in order and I honestly found the rest much weaker.

8. Czech Republik-ish

Victoria Schlederer: Des Teufel's Maskerade

Well, it’s set in Prague pre-WWI so it’s not the Czech Republic, yet (or even Czechoslovakia) but today Prague is very much the Czech Republic so let’s say it counts.

9. England

Ben Aaronovich: Rivers of London

Yes it gets described as ‘If Harry Potter had grown up and joined the police force’ quite often (or also ‘if Harry Potter had actual diversity’ ehem). And it’s not completely wrong. But it definitely doesn’t need to hide behind HP (or any other series).

10. Northern Ireland

Robert McLiam Wilson: Eureka Street

I only remember that I really enjoyed this book when I read it ages ago. (And I had already made the graphic when I remembered Glenn Patterson’s The International, another book set in Northern Ireland, which is also very good and about which I actually remember something of the plot.) Perhaps it’s time for a re-read to see how it holds up.


I guess I should travel outside Europe a bit more often 😉

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Take Place In Another Country

  1. I’ve read 8 and 9 🙂
    Did you read all of them. Scotsman’s definition made me laugh 🙂 It may be because I watched Frankie Boyle last night..

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