The Inevitable True Crime Podcasts Post

I like podcasts. I’m interested in true crime. Currently, everybody and their pet-dog has started a true crime podcast. So it’s inevitable that I talk about my favourites.

All Killa No Filla

1400x1400_10064095Comedians Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard-McLean discuss serial killers. And go off on hilarious tangents. While they discuss many well-known cases like Bundy, Dahmer and Brady/Hindley they also attempt to include older cases or some from outside the UK/US.
Now sometimes their tangents are genuinely hilarious but for a while, it got too much. A few episodes seem more like ‘two women tell jokes and occasionally mention serial-killers’ and a few of the episodes after the 30st feel exhausting rather than funny. But they managed to get back on track and now I’m again excitedly awaiting each new episode.

Listen to them: here
Suggested episodes: Peter Kürten, the three-parter on Fred and Rose West, Graham Young


Wine and Crime


Each episode three friends tackle a different crime-related topic. That means they start off with some background on the topic, which can mean ‘Canada’s crime-stats’ in the Crazy Canadians episode, some psychological insight into the person who commits a certain type of crime or a more scientific approach when the topic is forensics. Then two or more cases that fit the topic are discussed.
The episode-topics are wide-ranging and so far have included necrophilia, international abductions, evil twins and much more. In general, I’m drawn to the more concrete topics (‘Missing Persons’ or ‘Odd MO murders’ are just topics that are so vast that a single episode can only scratch the surface) but the podcast is always fun.

You also get a wine-recommendation in each episode but even if you like the idea of drinking the wine that’s paired with the Necrophilia-episode, non-US listeners will have a hard time finding most of the wines.

Listen to them: here
Suggested episodes: any of the forensic episodes, ax-murders, crimes of passion.



Two teachers each pick a crime-case from the UK or Ireland and tell the other (and the audience) about it. While ‘crime’ usually means murder there have been episodes on various con artists, Ronnie Biggs, and a (less humorous but very good one) on Jimmy Saville. Often they pick less well-known cases which can be a strength but also a weakness. It’s nice to hear about people that haven’t yet been discussed in several podcast-episodes and documentaries but some stories are also simply not very well-known because they are not that interesting.

Listen to them: here
Suggested episodes: Herbert Rowse Armstrong, Paul Glen & The Black Panther


Real Crime Profile


Unlike the previously mentioned ones, this is a much more serious podcast. Profiler Jim Clemente, profiler and victim advocate Laura Richards and Criminal Minds Casting Director Lisa Zambetti discuss various true crime-related subjects. They started off with an episode-by-episode analysis of Making a Murderer and The People vs. OJ Simpson and still discuss TV-shows in detail but also other cases that grabbed headlines (like the murder of Meredith Kercher and that of Reeva Steenkamp). They do jump around a fair bit so you sometimes get a few episodes on one topic, two one-offs about completely different topics and then get back to the first one which can be confusing.
And, as said, they are not light-hearted. I still enjoy listening to them more than to any other of the ‘serious’ true crime podcasts. They are less detached and – yes this does sound like a cliche now – I believe them that they actually care about the topic they are talking about. Besides,  two people with lots of expertise in law-enforcement and one person who is simply interested in true crime make for a great combination of hosts. They can go deeper than podcasts that are hosted simply by interested amateurs but don’t get too technical.

Listen to them: here
Suggested episodes: the series on The People vs. OJ Simpson, the episodes on Meredith Kercher


Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories


Another podcast that is not like the above. Unsolved Murders is completely scripted. Not something I usually like, since the spontaneous banter is what draws me towards podcasts. And while the discussions the hosts have are interesting and funny, you will never forget that this isn’t spontaneous. But they also have something else: full-cast reenactments. Not cheap ‘Somebody says Hey who are you and then screams loudly *gory sound effects*’ but well-written scenes that introduce the victim(s), the suspects and the circumstances. And, as somebody who loves audio-dramas, I enjoy that way to introduce a case more than one person just rattling down the facts.

Listen to them: here
Suggested episodes: The Axman of New Orleans, Benjamin Siegel, The Villisca Ax-murders


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