16 Tasks of the Festive Season: Saturnalia


Tasks for Saturnalia: If you could time-travel back to ancient Rome, where would you want to go and whom (both fictional and / or nonfictional persons) would you like to meet?

Now I was really into Ancient Romans when I was younger and had various ‘Ancient Rome for kids’ books but over time my history interest changed. I have now developed an obsession with Stephen and Matilda and am also interested in Russian History and the Habsburgs (or let’s be honest: certain Habsburgs). But one fascination connected to ancient Rome never quite left me: Pompeii. So I would love to meet Pliny the Younger and ask him all about the eruption of  Vesuvius. (But I guess if I could travel anywhere I could also see it myself? But I’m not sure if that wouldn’t be too scary).


2 thoughts on “16 Tasks of the Festive Season: Saturnalia

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  2. You know what, I had Pliny the Younger and Pompeii on my “long list” for this task as well … and eventually decided, that, naw, I’d rather not, on the very same grounds! 🙂

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