16 Tasks of the Festive Season: International Human Rights Day



Tasks for International Human Rights Day: Post a picture of yourself next to a war memorial or other memorial to an event pertaining to Human Rights. (Pictures of just the memorial are ok too.)

Last year I visited the Cyril and Methodius Cathedral in Prague. It’s an Orthodox church in which Jozef Gabčík, Jan Kubiš, and their co-conspirators hid after they assassinated Richard Heydrich, the SS Obergruppenführer and Police Chief of Czechoslovakia during the German occupation.

While that was the only successful assassination of a high-ranking Nazi the retribution was brutal. Two villages that were accused of helping the men during their escape were completely eradicated and the Nazis tortured and intimidated until someone gave up the hiding spot.

Then the SS laid siege to the church but could not capture them alive. Those who did not die in the battle committed suicide.

The front of the church has a memorial-plaque for Gabčík and the others as well as a pillar with the names of those the Nazis killed in retribution for the assassination:




The crypt below is also a memorial to the Czech Resistance and the event:

Věrni zůstali means Faithful we stayed and is a reference to the Czech resistance group Petiční výbor Věrni zůstaneme (Petition Committee We Stay Faithful) and the phrase can be found on several memorials for resistance-fighters (like this one with In life and death we stayed faithful) even though it seems not all of them were actual members of this group. (I admit I don’t remember everything from my visit there and online most information is available only in Czech).


3 thoughts on “16 Tasks of the Festive Season: International Human Rights Day

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  2. Mine was a memorial to resistance against Nazi occupation and terror “abroad” as well (Anógia, Crete). It’s sad to think how many places in Europe (and even elsewhere, too) there are where memorials such as these exist.

    1. I saw your entry and thought what a coincidence that we both chose memorials with similar backgrounds but you’re also right: there’s sadly many of them.

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