16 Tasks of the Festive Season: Winter Solstice


Tasks for Winter Solstice and Yaldā Night: Grab one of your thickest books off the shelf. Ask a question and then turn to page 40 and read the 9th line of text on that page. Post your results.

A quick leaf through my bookshelves brought up these monsters:


That would be The Collected Works of Oscar Wilde, A Dance with Dragons, The Collected Work of Shakespeare, Die Geschichte der Russischen Literatur (A History of Russian Literature), War and PeaceHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and The Collected Sherlock Holmes Stories. (As well as my faithful helper Flen the moose. He is not a monster but very cuddly). And no I haven’t read all of those from cover to cover (yet).

A glance at the page-counts, however, tells me that the Harry Potter is only 760 pages which makes it basically a novella compared to the rest, which are all over 1000 pages. (Though A Dance with Dragons and A History of Russian Literature both have massive appendixes so strictly speaking both are a bit under 1000 pages). The absolute winner is the collected Sherlock Holmes with about 1400 pages compared to about 1250 for Shakespeare (though that is printed with two columns per page which safes some space).

Now the important question for this oracle is of course: do collected works even count? Doesn’t that confuse the oracle-spirits when I’m actually on page 12 of that story in the collection or something? To be on the save side I shall consult one collected works and one single book. If one is gibberish the oracle has made their intentions clear 😉

And I will ask Sherlock Holmes (because he always knows all the answers) and A Dance With Dragons (because…well because it’s in English and saves me from awkwardly translating the German in War and Peace or the book on Russian literature).

Now, well, for the question. I’ll go for something simple:

Will I have nice holidays in 2018?

(And if the oracle gives me some inspiration on where to go, I won’t complain either ;))

So what does Holmes say?

As he spoke there was a sharp ring at the bell.

Hm. Will I go somewhere that has a famous bell-tower? Or will I stay somewhere where I can’t sleep for all the bell-ringing? This is a somewhat unhelpful answer so I’ll turn towards A Dance With Dragons (though I just realized that I’m hoping for a line in a George Martin novel that doesn’t talk about death and misery which is probably foolish but too late…)

Six now. I will not have the fighting pits reopened.

Well. I guess it’s a good sign that the pits won’t be reopened? So wherever I go I won’t be thrown into them? Which means nice holidays? Possibly?

Well, wherever I go I’ll take some earplugs with me. Just to be safe. And check the guide-book for the fighting pits so I can stay far away. I think that is a good plan.


4 thoughts on “16 Tasks of the Festive Season: Winter Solstice

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  2. Hahaha — totally missed this! I think the answer is the number 6 will have something to do with your 2018 vacation (6 days? 6 weeks total? 6 trips??) … and whatever concerns your vacation(s), you wont have to fight about. So I’d say that’ll make for very good vacation prospects!

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