16 Tasks of the festive Season: Christmas



Tasks for Christmas: Post a picture of your stockings hung from the chimney with care, –OR– a picture of Santa’s ‘treat’ waiting for him. –OR– Share with us your family Christmas traditions involving gift-giving, or Santa’s visit.


So this is a mesh of several of these questions. Because it involves a tradition but not with my family. I still stayed in contact with some friends from my school-days. Today we all live spread around Germany but we try to meet up occasionally and at least make it to (most of) each other’s birthdays. We also always meet somewhere around Christmas to have a fancy breakfast/dinner and exchange small presents. This year I decided to sew some small bags, decorate them (with things that they would enjoy but honestly also things I already had in my endless craft-supplies :D) and fill them with some treats.



This is the pingback you’ve all been waiting for

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