16 Task of the Festive Season: Thanksgiving


Tasks for Thanksgiving Day: Be thankful for yourself and treat yourself to a new book – post a picture of it.

Are two books OK? My two newest preciousssses


London Calling is by Anette Dittert, the former news-correspondent for Tagesschau. During her time as a correspondent, she also had a great video-podcast (called…London Calling) in which she talked about stories that weren’t newsworthy but just fun. She visited parts of London that weren’t tourist-hotspots, talked about English oddities (like cricket) and was always hilarious during it. She’s no longer a correspondent (but still did a few videos (in German) you can watch here) but now she’s written a book about her life in London and I just couldn’t resist.

Elemental Magic is…well a collection of novellas and one of which is by Carol Berg. Have I mentioned that I like that author a lot? I think I didn’t for at least…two entries.
(I do plan to read the whole book, though…but possibly not in the ‘right’ order…)

I am an unexpected pingback

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