I had to see this and now so do you

Today I got lost in the hilarity and horror that is the Amazon freebie section that is full of…fascinating covers and summaries. And since I don’t want to suffer alone…


Might Drake be…a dragon? Nah. That would be silly. (Get the book if you are so inclined)


That cover in combination with the title makes me expect just the best from this book…


How do you think the cover of a Gay Monster Harem book looks?


Was that what you expected? Did you even want to know?

Do you like fiction? Do you like books set in the past? I have a book with a perfect setting for you:


The random capitalization is not the worst about this book. (Don’t believe me?)

Do you hate finishing a book and then wondering what the moral of the story was? Seafarer takes care of this for you:


Are you tired of fantasy where the fate of the kingdom is at stake? Shield has you covered:


Reading about the kingdom’s fait is something new and refreshing. And talking about refreshing:


When does ever something expected happen in books? Having something expected happen is so…unexpected.


Oh yes, please! I want to learn froma master! (You can do so, too)


I miss the times when atrocious crimes against punctuation were reserved for fanfiction sites. I also don’t dare to ask if ‘necromongers’ is an in-universe word. Are you braver?


So…living 5000 years isn’t immortality? Also, Mountain of the Down is the least impressive name for a fantasy mountain where a prophecy says epic shit will happen. (book…sorry screenplay)

This might have a second part if I ever get sucked into the abyss again. Meanwhile…


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